Luxury Basement Designs
    by Brandt Remodeling

Brandt Remodeling - Basement Bars

Brandt Remodeling understands That for many years a basement simply meant a place to store items we seldome used,  A place we washed and dried our clothes.  It also was our year round work shop that we took for granted.  It was seldom a place we would show to our family and friends with excitement.  Much less did we use it for our family recreation and relaxation.  It was never used as a livable space. Dark Damp and dreary was the general rule of thumb for our basements.  Brandt Remodeling understands this transition from the days of the past into the present and how the proper basement design will remind you of  HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED

Brandt Remodeling will transform your basement remodeling ideas into reality and increase your usable living space giving you the luxury basement that you have always imagined. Let us help you turn that wasted space, sitting right under your feet, into a functional family room or basement entertainment area.  Maybe just more living space for your family. Either way it will provide you decades of enjoyment

Now that you have come to the right place, we assure that your basement remodeling or basement makeover project will be completed in a timely as well as in a professional manner. Now you can turn your unfinished basement into a bonus living space area and add that luxury basement to your way of living. You will be guided through every step of the basement remodeling process, from beginning to the end, as we progress with your work. Communication is our success, we request you to convey to us your ideas and leave the rest on us to turn it into a reality. Brandt Remodeling will always provide you a quality luxury basement and update you in the status of the basement remodeling project from the beginning starting with planning and preparation, layout and design, walls framing, finishing the dry walls and finally the end results.

Basement Makeover Items Often Forgotten That Usually Will Cost You Money And Destroy Your New Basement!

Brandt Remodeling can do it for you we cover all aspects of your Basement Remodeling Project!

Items Overlooked by Other Contractors:

  • Basement is Waterproofed
  • Sump-Pumps fitted with backup alarms and batteries.
  • Basement Walls should be sealed and finished.
  • Inspect the exterior portion of  your basement to prevent leaks in mortar, widow frames etc....
  • Floors should be comfortable dry and warm.
  • There should be no leaks from  plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains or HVAC systems.

Service Area for Brandt Remodeling:

Based out of Brookfield, IL we happily service the Brookfield, La Grange, Westchester, Riverside, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Willowbrook, Western SpringsHinsdale and surrounding suburban areas. Including the entire Chicagoland Area.